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Welcome to Fort|Thress

Hi, I'm Carl Thress (pronounced "trĕs" -- the "h" is silent). Few things in life hold as much power as the written word. From the soothing sound of a child's favorite story to the passionate prose that inspires nations and elevates the human conscience, words shape our values, articulate our ideals, and provide meaning and purpose to our lives. The gospel writer John equated the written word with the divine. "In the beginning was the Word," he wrote, "and the Word was with God... and the Word was God."

Well-crafted writing can captivate and inspire. It can anger and engage. It can lead young men to see visions and old men to dream dreams. The opposite is true, as well. Mark Twain once compared the difference between the right word and the almost right word to the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. A lightning bug might capture the imagination for a moment, but lightning has the power to stir a storm of thought and emotion so strong it can literally change the world.

Finding the right word... the right thought... the right phrase is my passion. It's why I became a writer, and why I continue to write today. For me, writing is a journey, not a destination. Come, join me on the ride.

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