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Give That Fan a Contract

I remember well that day
We saw the Birds and Twinkies play.
Hagey led the cheering crowd.
"Oriole Magic" -- thrilling, loud.
My greatest mem'ry of that game
Was hearing Rex Barney exclaim,
"Give that fan a contract!"

Eighteen seasons have since past.
All in all it's been a blast.
World Champions in '83.
Always something new to see.
Ripkin passing Gehrig's mark,
Moving to a new ballpark,
Players, coaches, uniforms.
Through it all one single norm:
"Give that fan a contract!"

Last month, I was in St. Paul
Watching "This Week in Baseball."
I never will forget that day
When I heard he'd passed away.
Since his death earlier this year,
Things seem different -- strangely queer.
But rest assured, Rex Barney lives,
In the hearts of every kid
Who ever grabbed a stray foul ball
And heard him proudly make the call:
"Give that fan a contract!"

Background image from MorgueFile.