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In Others' Words

Favorite works (and excerpts) from other writers

  • The Crickets
    (E.B. White | Charlotte's Web)

    One of my favorite passages by one of my favorite authors (E.B. White) from one of his most classic works (Charlotte's Web). A must-read, in my opinion.

  • How to Tell a Great Story
    (Jan O'Daniel |

    Storytelling is an art we all, as writers, need to master, whether we're writing fiction, crafting a blog entry, or drafting ad copy for the corporate world.

  • I Am The Richest Man in the World
    (Nate St. Pierre |

    How a guy with $27.67 to his name considers himself the richest man in the world. After reading this, you might, too.

  • I spent 29 years in solitary confinement
    (Robert King | The Guardian)

    A gripping, first-person account by Robert King, detailing his 29 years in solitary confinement at Louisiana's Angola prison, for a crime he didn't commit.

  • If You've Got Social Media Fatigue...
    (Sarah Lacy | TechCrunch)

    A call to return to the basics of social media... to converse, collaborate, and connect.

  • The Roads Not Taken
    (Tamsen McMahon | Personal Cartography)

    What if, at each decision point in your life, some other version of yourself took the road not taken? What if there were thousands -- millions -- of other paths with other versions of You walking them?

  • Sober
    (Jim Mitchem |

    Jim Mitchem reflects on 19 years of sobriety and the lessons he has learned. From

  • This Little Girl Has Her Walters Crossed
    (Letters of Note |

    An endearing series of correspondence between a little girl, Walt Disney, and Walter Lantz.

  • You're Not Creative -- Deal With It
    (Jim Mitchem |

    Jim Mitchem argues that humans are, by nature, not creative. Rather, we are innovators -- taking ideas that already exist and reforming them into something new.

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