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Father's Day

Carl Thress | Sunday, June 21, 2015

I’m not entirely sure why we dads get a day dedicated to thanking us. As I see it, that gratitude should be directed the other way around.

Each day, we get to watch our children grow, learn, and explore the world around them in new and different ways. We get to answer the million-and-one questions they always seem to have. (And yes, “ask your mother” is a perfectly valid reply.)

We get to hold them when they’re sad, laugh with them when they’re goofy, encourage them through doubts, and celebrate each first step they take into trying something new.

We get to miss them when they aren’t with us, smile when we see them again, worry when they face situations we can’t control, and wish time could freeze in place, so we could savor precious moments a little while more.

Yes, we make plenty of mistakes, and, yes, we get distracted by TV, sports, our cellphones, and shiny objects on the ground. But in our hearts we’re grateful for every moment of every day we get to spend with our kids.

You see, we know how lucky we are and that other men aren’t quite so fortunate. We know some who have wasted their opportunities and others who have simply never had the chance at all.

We know men who can’t spend time with their children, or as much as they’d like, despite their desire to do so.

And we know some who’ve lost children long before their time.

So, for us, Father’s Day really isn’t about celebrating dads at all. Instead, it’s a chance to celebrate the priviledge we have of knowing someone who gladly calls us Dad — and an opportunity to reaffirm that’s something we’ll never take for granted.


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